"The power of an executive lies in his ability to get people to get the work done. Traken can help you with that"

Greg Gum Traken Founder

Why Traken?

Simplistic spreadsheets, target lists and kanban boards are great for small projects or teams users, but when you have major projects with multiple teams you need more sophistication. Traken brings your team and all the information they need together in one place, reducing phone calls, emails, meetings and time consuming chat streams, thus raising productivity.

Get your team crackin'

Who is it for?

The Solo Guy

Freelancers and Consultants: Track client projects and share with them.

The Small Business

Get all your team members on the same page.

The Medium Size Business

Manage Mutliple Teams across mutliple sites

The Enterprise

SSO, Dedicated Server, Cloud or On-Premise, Dual-Athentication


Super Fast

Built on Microsoft Azure, Traken's speed is best in class.

Flexible Heirarchy

Don't get locked into a rigid structure. Create the structure you need with as many (or as few) levels as you want of programs, projects, targets, tasks, subtask and microtasks.

Free Video Training

We created the Getting Started Series to make it as easy as possible to get started.

File Sharing

Easily share files between colloborators everywhere. Track version of updated files so no matter how many version you have of a document, you know which is the latest version.


Let you see the project schedule visually. Or view it on a Calendar.

Gantt Charts

View a Gantt Chart for an individual project, or all projects in a program. Export it to PDF or Excel.

Charts and Graphs

Get a visual overview of the overall progress of Projects and Programs


See the entire history of all changes made to a project or task, including who, when and what exactly was modified or added. Easily revert to earlier version as needed.

Mulitple Views

Choose your view: Kanban, Spreadsheet, Details. Change view at any time.


Manage a simple task list on a Kanban Board, or manage a project portfolio for mutliple companies, Traken scales with you.

Five Star Support

Our Support team is dedicated to ensuring your success: Email/Chat/Ticket System/Phone

Custom Fields

Add custom fields - your data - your way.


No data is ever actually deleted, so you can never accidentally fat-finger your favorite project. You can get anything back with a search for deleted items and then restore it.


Manage a simple task list on a Kanban Board, or manage project portfolios for mutliple companies, Traken scales with your company.

Process Oriented

Tasks sometimes need to flow through planning, approval, execution, peer-review, testing and final review. Traken lets you do that.

On Cloud or On Premise

It's your choice

The Art And Science of Productivity

TAASOP Explained

Show me the goods


Find one that works for you, or call us to discuss



  • Unlimited Programs, Projects,
    Tasks, Subtasks and Microtasks
  • Up to 15 Team Members
  • Non-Premium Features
  • 100 Megs Storage
  • Web Support
  • No Client Access
I like Free



  • First User Included
  • Add On Users $10
  • Everything In Basic
  • 1 Gig storage
  • Premium Features
  • Unlimited Client Access
  • Priority Support
Free Is Great

Call Me


  • On Premise
  • Customizations
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Dual Factor Auth
  • SSO
  • Priority Support
  • 99.95% SLA
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Greg Gum, Founder and CEO of Traken Technologies, LLC

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About Traken

Traken is a process-oriented project management system created by Greg Gum, a veteran software engineer and project manager, to track and manage his remote engineering teams after experiancing frustration with existing solutions.

"At last count, there were 754 project management solutions available according to Gartner. So why yet another? Because none of them hit the sweet-spot between managing the complexity of multiple levels of programs, projects and tasks, while keeping it simple and easy to use. Web design has come a long ways from the early days, yet every one we tried was clunky and had too many pain points that we was not willing to suffer. Or they are glorified task lists. So in a weak moment, we decided to take yet another stab at creating the perfect project management solution. What we learned was that the most important aspect of project management was not just creating projects and tasks, BUT THE PROCESS OF GETTING THEM DONE THROUGH TEAM COLLABORATION. Fancy flow charts mean nothing if they don't get done, and they get done through team co-ordination and transparency. When everyone knows what the rest of the team is doing and thinking, magic happens. Traken is the tool that makes that happen."

Greg Gum, Founder and CEO of Five Star Software, makers of Traken